12 Weeks Transformational Program: Wellbeing and Mindset Coaching Program for the Professional Woman

An intensive journey with Su Orosa as your coach, supporting you to lead a happier life.

Would you like to be supported with making lifestyle and mind-set changes so you can stop feeling stressed, anxious and exhausted?

  • For too long, you have been striving to be perfect, not putting yourself first, over-achieving and ignoring your body’s signals to slow down because, let’s face it – all hell would break loose if you lost control for just one second right?!


  • This constant roller-coaster of trying to hold everything together has knocked your confidence despite coming across as confident on the outside. Somewhere inside of you is  calling to change so that you can finally live life more in tune with who you were meant to be all along.


  • This has been your story so far – one which you know has to change so that you can start a new chapter in your life; one which would give you space and time to do what your really want to do. A life that you live for YOU so that you can show up for the ones you love in a healthier and happier way. A life in which you can show up AS you FOR you!

As a Coach, Counsellor, Trainer and EFT therapist, with many years of experience of supporting clients through challenges in life, I am here to support you along this transition to the next part of your life.

I am going to help you to know yourself more deeply so that you can begin to accept yourself and start believing in yourself. I will hold a safe space for you in which you will be seen, heard and respected, no matter what comes up for you.

This 90 day program is for professional women who want to address the things in their life that are holding them back from feeling in control, free and happy. It is ideal if you’re struggling with anxiety, over-thinking, striving for perfection, giving too much of yourself, rushing around trying to please others as the expense of what’s right for you and….not feeling good enough.

Coaching with Su Orosa in East Sussex

The Outcome

This program will be tailored to you and your needs but as a general guideline, these are the outcomes we will be working towards, you will:


Begin to carve out more meaningful time and space for yourself


Use your energy effectively


Have more control over your life rather than the other way around


Establish healthy boundaries and know how to say ‘no’ to others without feeling guilty


Recognise when you’re stressed and anxious and be able to reach a state of calm quickly


Let go of the need for perfectionism and people-pleasing


Have a range of tools to help deal with your ‘mind-monkeys’

Why choose me?

Su Orosa Coach in East Sussex

My entire career path, spanning 30 years, has been about empowering others to reach their potential and to lead lives that are happy and fulfilled.


My experience, commitment to continued personal and professional development as well as my own experiences of overwhelm, not having felt good enough, exhaustion and anxiety place me in the perfect position to guide you through this journey.


My counselling background means that I know how to hold a sacred space for you so that you feel safe enough to share parts of yourself with me that you perhaps feel too ashamed to share with others.


I have been in Education as a tutor for many years, developing and running many different learning programs. This places me in a perfect position to be able to meet your learning needs in a way that suits your individual learning style.

Here’s what’s included in this Program


6 x fortnightly modules sent by email with activities and worksheets


Weekly check-in with me in-between sessions to help you stay on track for support and accountability


Opportunity for you to make realistic and sustainable significant life changes


Content tailored specifically to you and your situation and challenges


6 x fortnightly video presentations of themes you are exploring


3 x guided meditations/visualisations to ensure that we work on the inside as a foundation to help you make the changes you desire



Twelve 1:1 coaching sessions on Skype or telephone, each session lasting up to 45 minutes



Six 1:1 sessions lasting up to 1.5 hours

All sessions to be taken regularly for consistency and flow. Each session may include any or a combination of: EFT, Coaching, Reiki, Therapeutic Counselling and Mind-body Awareness Techniques

Bonus 1


An EFT tapping chart poster

Bonus 2


A video presentation of the EFT tapping points

Bonus 3


10% off my Signature Workshop: ‘Finding the True You’ AND my One-Day Wellbeing Retreat – both compliment this program really well

Bonus 4


Lifetime access to all materials

Bonus 5


Downloadable audio meditations

Make this the year you break all your normal rules about how you thought life should be and dive in to your new version of yourself. This is a program that has been designed with great care and love and one which isn’t for the feint-hearted!

If you want to start digging deep with me as your constant support and guide, sign up for the Creative Lifestyle and Wellbeing Coaching Program now!

If this sounds like it could be for you and you would like to find out more, then please schedule in a call and I will ring you to see if we could work together.

Su guided me through a tough personal and business transition. She is a deeply intuitive and incredibly skilled coach and therapist and great fun! I feel very lucky to have found her and in doing so found out more about myself, my values and my purpose.

Leesa Whisker

I have worked with Su for many years as a teacher and facilitator. She is a very special human being with the capacity to aid self-discovery within. 

Babs Troke

You couldn’t wish for a better facilitator. For a multitude of reasons I’m a huge fan of this woman. She is someone who you can trust to hold you, motivate you, encourage and empower you. Warm and nurturing with an open heart and a huge smile, Su has a wealth of experience that speaks for itself.

Go see her…she helped me change my life 🙂


Su is a generous, kind and simply phenomenal Reiki master (and Chef!) with a radiant personality and an infectious eagerness to teach and learn.

I genuinely feel re-energised, refreshed and with a new resolve, and I look forward to experiencing the famous monthly Reiki shares, as well as progressing to levels 2 and 3!!


Cinzia Cumaio

I really liked the counselling alongside the life coaching, I’m progressing with my plans at the same time as looking at blocks (traumas, etc). Awesome. Happy we did that, progressing more with my life.


It worked that I was able to do everything I wanted to do. The structure worked and I feel I have enough time with the length of the sessions. With the coaching I feel more positive and ready for the outside world after the sessions. With the counselling, I appreciate the grounding before the session ends. 


Thanks Su, you were so lovely and helpful/appropriate. I feel completely safe and trusting of you. You’re warmth and professionalism is inspiring. 

Rona Couper

The process we went through helped me to see what’s going on for me at the moment and to assess it and to work on it. Thanks to the activities, this left me with a sense of achievement and satisfaction, thank you!



What if I don’t have time to do all the work?

That’s absolutely fine.

Many people on this program are time-poor and can struggle to get all the work done on time. If this should happen, then we will explore ways in which you can free up some time – this will be something the program looks at anyway. Also, you can choose to extend the program to suit your needs so that it fits in better with your current weekly schedule.

What if I need more support during the week?

It may be that one email exchange between sessions isn’t enough, especially as when you start working on yourself at such a deep level, things will inevitably surface that you may want to talk about before the next 1:1. Everyone is eligible for up to 3 email exchanges with me between sessions. Or we could arrange to bring one of your 1:1 sessions forward.

What if I can’t afford to pay upfront?

That’s fine, you can choose to pay by instalments and we can discuss a plan on our first call together should you decide to do the programme.

What if I want to finish the program sooner than 90 days?

If you wanted to do the program in a shorter time-span, then we would look at the practicalities of this so that we could be sure that you could implement all the changes in a shorter time. I would however advise that you take the allotted 90 days as this gives you longer to integrate all the learning and implement any changes you want to make in your life without feeling rushed. More time will give you longer to practice new mind-sets and behaviours.

Any questions?

Feel free to email me on su@suorosa.com