Bespoke Wellness Package

VIP days are inspired by you, created especially for you and your particular needs and are a beautiful gift that you can give to yourself.

It can be a gift to self as part of a commitment that you make to put you at the centre of your life for a change.

The VIP day may be a one-off day – a calm oasis in the midst of everyday chaos or it could just be a day that helps you to stay connected with what matters to you, whatever that may be.

Full Day: £675.00
Half Day: £395.00

Some reasons why you might want to spend a day with 1:1 support with me:

An appreciation of the value of self-care

A need to take stock of your life

A need for some time-out

Support with focusing on a persistent issue that’s getting you down and stopping you from moving on

A desire for some healing

Support with manifesting a new future

Support with setting intentions

A desire to be really heard in order to make sense of a complex situation

A desire for SPACE

What You Can Expect from a VIP Day with me:

A coaching session

A counselling session (or a mixture of coaching and counselling)


EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Head, shoulder and neck massage



Walk and talk

Guided visualisation

Relaxation techniques

The day will start at 10am and end at 4pm and you will be given a gift bag to take away with you. A vegetarian meal for lunch will be provided and you will also receive a follow-up email during the following week.

The day will be based on what you wish to work on and will also be creative so that as things come up during the day, we can have flexibility so that you can choose which activities to take part in.

Outcomes of the Day

My aim for these VIP Days is to create a creative, empathic space where you can feel really looked after.

You will come away with:

  • a renewed sense of focus and purpose
  • new coping strategies and techniques for managing stress/anxiety
  • motivation to keep looking after yourself
  • a clearer mind
  • a more relaxed state of being

We will explore possibilities and choices in life that you perhaps weren’t previously aware of because you hadn’t had the space to consider these before. We will laugh where appropriate and there may be tears – and I will honour these with you as I accompany you on this part of your journey.

I would love you to join me in what will be an incredibly special day that will help shape the rest of your life…

If this sounds like something that would appeal to you, then book a call with me so that we can explore possibilities together. I look forward to talking with you.

Thank you for a brilliant day. I felt welcomed, the work we have done today has really helped me to move forward in areas I felt stuck in.

The mix of EFT, Reiki and Coaching was well structured and I learnt a lot of techniques I can take with me and use long after today.

I thoroughly recommend working with Su! If you can do anything for yourself the VIP day is one I can guarantee will be value for money and will improve your wellbeing in a warm, relaxed and encouraging environment.

Suzanne Hyde

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