The Mindful Conscious Living Program

The Blueprint for living life on your own terms

Are you ready to start choosing to do what’s right for you – not for others?

Do you want to trust your intuition to make the right decisions in life?

Would you like to live the life you desire and deserve, on your own terms?

The Mindful Conscious Living Program


It’s time to reconnect with yourself again and feel like you’ve come back home to you!

Learn from a Mental Health and Wellness Coach and personal development trainer who has helped hundreds of people move from feeling stuck and being in overwhelm to a place of calm and control.

Tell me….

Has that feeling of anxiety and not feeling good enough been around for far too long now?

Have you been feeling like you’re just too old to start making changes?

Are you feeling stuck, like your life has stopped moving and you want to start making shifts?

Is motivation hard for you right now and you’ve lost your mojo?

Does your body feel like it’s time for a good shake up?

Then this program is for you.

Su Orosa Coach in East Sussex

I’d love to work with you on this!

Over three months, you will address the inner blocks that have been holding you back for so long, and you will learn strategies to help you spring back into life and to find meaning and purpose.

Why do you need to work on yourself?

Learn how to start believing in yourself again

Recognise the blocks that have been getting in your way for years

Have a range of tools and strategies to help manage negative thinking

Begin to live life on your terms by kicking your saboteur into touch

Learn healthy habits to kickstart life as you’d like it to be

Start to live a more mindful life where you’re the one in control

Why should you work on living more consciously?


Here’s just a few reasons:


  1. Because this will free you up to start achieving your goals.
  2. You will give yourself the opportunity to make the right decisions moving forward.
  3. You will be working on your inner saboteur so that she isn’t controlling you anymore.
  4. You will understand why you’ve been procrastinating all this time and what to do to start taking action.
  5. Working on your fears will help you make you have the courage you need to start your new life.
  6. Believing in yourself will mean that you can live according to what feels right for YOU.
  7. You will learn to start loving yourself again which will make all of the above possible.

It’s time to start learning to live consciously so that you can have the life you truly deserve.

Learn to live consciously and:

  1. Feel more at peace
  2. Feel more free and in control
  3. Begin to love yourself
  4. Dissolve the blocks that are holding you back
  5. Make the decisions that are right for YOU
  6. Feel re-energised and healthy
  7. Feel at peace

What you will get:

How to uncover the reasons for the mental blocks you have

How to address your anxiety and negative thinking gremlins

Learn how to feel ‘good enough’

Step by step guidance to developing a healthy mindset

Learn how to create mental and emotional peace from within

Learn how to bring the mind and body together so that they act in unison

Learn strategies for how to develop a healthier inner voice

Explore how to start being compassionate towards yourself


Develop goal setting strategies to help you move forward


Worksheets to help you through this journey

Videos explaining strategies and tools to work with

Guided visualisations on audio

Private Facebook group

Weekly group coaching

Weekly 1:1 coaching sessions

Bonus materials included:

– extra EFT video sessions
– extra Yoga videos

One day Mindset & Wellbeing workshop

An opportunity to dig deep with our group in a supportive safe space.

Life-long access to materials

Just some of what we will cover on this course:

Step 1 – Mindset:

Module 1: Ultimate B.R.A.I.N. Buster

Beliefs: How we develop the beliefs we have and how to address those that don’t serve you any more.
Role: The roles we’ve developed over the years and how to start changing these
Anxiety: How anxiety develops and how to manage it
Influences: The role of early influences on our current mindset and beliefs
Negativity: Dealing with negative thinking

Step 2 – Mindfulness:

Module 2: Serenity Wellbeing Solution

Stillness: Understanding the value of stillness and how it affects our mental wellbeing
Self-acceptance: The importance of self-acceptance and how to achieve this
Sixth-sense: Developing a sixth sense to help with effective decision making
Sanity: Tools to help you stay sane

Step 3 – Movement:

Module 3: E.N.E.R.G.Y. Practice Principle

Energise: How to start feeling more energised
Nurture: The importance of nurturing ourselves and how to do this
Embody: How to feel embodied so that the mind and body are working together
Revive: Reviving intuitive ways of moving
Grow: Growing internally through mindful movement using breath awareness to create a state of peace and calm
You: Opening up to YOU

Step 4 – Motivation:

Module 4: Healthy H.A.B.I.T. Activator

Habits: how to develop new habits that keep you motivated
Attitude: Looking at your values and mindset around health
Bravery: The role of bravery and courage to start making healthy life choices
Intentions: Setting short and long-term intentions
Thinking: How to maintain healthy thinking patterns for sustainable change

I’ll teach you strategies to help you unleash the real you:

  • Are you ready to deep dive in?
  • Do you want to live life differently because you’re fed up of holding yourself back and enough is enough?

It’s time to step into the next part of your journey.

Stop sabotaging your success

Start taking back control

Who is this not for?

This is FOR you if:


  • you can afford this course without putting yourself in financial harm
  • you are ready to dig deep and face your fears
  • you honour and respect boundaries
  • you commit to doing the work and taking full responsibility for your own success

This is NOT for you if:


  • you find it hard to navigate a computer or the internet.
  • you don’t want to be part of an accountability group.

Why learn from me?

  • Having worked with clients over many years, I have come to understand the necessary steps that are needed to go through in order to live a fulfilled and peaceful life so I’ve put these together to create this program for you.
  • I’ve created many successful courses over the years.
  • I am a counsellor, coach and trainer with over 20 years of teaching experience
  • I have worked with many groups and love to witness how people grow into themselves over time; it’s an honour and a privilege for me to be part of this process.
  • I believe passionately in people’s ability to change once they have the right tools and support in place.
  • I can break stuff down so that it’s easy to understand, simple (and even enjoyable!)
  • I will hold you lovingly and firmly accountable to ensure you are moving forward.
I’ve got a counsellor/coach already, will this help me?

Usually, we don’t recommend that you have more than one lot of counselling or coaching at any given time. Counselling however could work really well alongside this course as things will come up for you to look at and this could be taken to a counsellor for further exploration. A coach is likely to be working with their own tools and strategies and that work may clash with this course. Whatever you decide to do, be mindful of overstretching yourself as that’s just another form of self-sabotage!

I don’t have access to a computer, is that ok?

You will need access to a computer so that you can download your materials and worksheets as everything will be delivered online including our group coaching and 1:1 sessions.

Will everything be recorded? If I fall behind, can I catch up later?

Everything will be recorded. You will have access to the course forever!

Will everything be hosted on Facebook?

No, the course will be hosted on Teachable. Only the group coaching element will be on Facebook via a private group.

How much time would I need to dedicate to the program?

You will have 3 months to complete the program with support from myself and the FB private group. You will however have the materials beyond the program should you wish to continue completing it in your own time.

What is the refund policy?

As with all my programs, refunds are not given if you change your mind. Refunds are only provided where required by law. 

Hear what other students have to say!

Su’s teaching style is well informed and delivered with ease, humour and love – thank you Su


A lot of practical information – plenty of food for thought for me to take away. Encouragement re motivation to take forward my ideas and make them a reality. Thank you


I have attended several of Su’s courses and workshops and have loved every single one of them! I learn so much more about myself each time and I’m so grateful for the space she provides.


Very warm and friendly person. Enjoyed the group discussions as well as lots of relevant information. Recommend the course!


Thank you Su for a wonderful course. I haven’t laughed and cried so much in years! It’s not been easy at times but you have really seen me and for that I’m eternally grateful.


Inspirational and motivational. A necessary space to plan and reflect. Thank you


I’ve really enjoyed working with Su and having the space to connect with myself. I love the way she provided a perfect blend of person-centred therapy and Coaching. Working intuitively and creatively allowed my true self to emerge and this helped me regain a sense of autonomy and peace;
I now feel more rested and have regained a sense of purpose.
Su is approachable, easy to connect with and clearly talented. Thank you Su!

Caroline Hounsell (co-founder Mental Health Foundation)

Fantastic!! Thank you so much – today has impacted me more than I ever thought it would. I no longer feel like the swan gliding on top and swimming like hell underneath. Now I’m taking my time to happily glide and sometimes just be still.


Brilliant day, very helpful! I feel like I have more tools to be able to move on


I really hope you decide to take action and join me on this next part of your life journey. I really look forward to meeting you and working with you!