1:1 and group supervision for counsellors, coaches, support workers, managers and staff teams.

Through supervision we will explore your work together; I will encourage you to think outside the box in creative and imaginative ways. I provide a safe space in which you can recharge, be heard and valued for the work you do.

The work we do with our clients, service-users or staff teams can be rich, fulfilling and rewarding beyond measure. However, it can unfortunately at times also be overwhelming, stressful and at worse, traumatic.

I am a qualified supervisor with many years’ experience of supervision and group work. I feel strongly that we should all be supported by good supervision that respects the supervisee and understands that this is a supportive and collaborative relationship that is about helping to bring out the best in you so that you can serve your clients, service-users and teams in the best and most fulfilling way.

If you’re looking for 1:1 or group supervision, then book in a half-hour call using the link below and we’ll talk about how we might work together.


Supervision is a process of collaborative enquiry where, as a supervisee you will have a chance to:

Offload in a safe confidential space

Work through challenges and issues that come up for your clients/service-users/team and you

Explore different ways of working with clients/teams

Look at further CPD/training opportunities

Explore ethical dilemmas

Identify triggers and blocks that come up for you in relation to your clients/team and ways of working with these

Performance at work


Full sessions: £60.00 per session

Su has supported me in my integration into person-centred supervision.
I have found Su manages to offer the core conditions, while providing and sharing her professional knowledge base. I feel confident and trusting of her opinion and guidance and always feel that she genuinely cares about my clients process and also my own process and self-care.
Thanks! X

Helen Siggs

Su has been my tutor, supervisor, colleague and fellow classmate. Each of these relationships has felt natural, supportive and non-judgmental. As my supervisor, I find Su’s strength to be in creating a safe permissive space where I don’t feel judged or wrong, and I am able to creatively work out my own needs and those of my clients. This unconditional positive regard feels very genuine and that space feels very held and collegiate. Su is also very flexible and has many skills as a result of her many roles and brings a lot of options to the sessions together.

Su isn’t pious and is able to be human and humorous and we often laugh and talk about things which are important to me in my life and impact on my client work.

I find my time with Su leaves me feeling rejuvenated, competent, appreciated and growing as a person and counsellor.

Paul Carrington

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