My Signature Workshop

Finding the True You; Your Journey to Purpose and Meaning in Life

A packed day of activities which will enlighten, challenge and excite you. It isn’t for the fainthearted – you will be asked to dig deep so that you really make the most of the day. There is music, laughter and delicious food that is provided as part of the cost.

This is my successful Signature Workshop where we look at what’s been holding you back from really being yourself and reaching your potential. We all have our gremlins and ‘critical voices’ in our heads which serve to sabotage us in so many ways. This workshop looks at these head-on and at ways in which we can deal with them so that they no longer have the same hold on us. We also look at ways in which we can manifest a different future but in practical, sustainable ways.

Groups are typically small and your safety and wellbeing is paramount throughout the day. It’s a journey you won’t regret, I promise you.


Full sessions: £150.00 per session

Su’s workshop on finding meaning and purpose was fantastic. The venue was stunning and Su had organised it in such a way that I felt peaceful from the start. The content was informative, (fun where appropriate) and serious food for thought. We really dealt with the inner critic and how that keeps us stuck in our lives. I felt humbled to be part of such an amazingly strong, empathic and authentic group of women, all prepared to work hard and absorb what they could from each other and from Su.

I felt supported, relaxed and heard.

Thank you Su and thank you ladies. X

Suzanne Hyde

Thank you Su, such an amazing day, your passion shines through and your calmness and compassion truly helped me to grow, learn and feel connected.

Thanks😊 x


Thank you for a fulfilling, inspiring day in a beautiful environment x

Julie Cholerton

Thank you for an informative thought provoking and beautiful workshop with a fab group of people.


What an amazing group of women, held by you. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so ‘comfortable’ with a group of strangers before. The day was perfect, and in a really weird way it felt like I’d known them before.

Thank you xxx

Alison Skilton

I have just completed the “Signature workshop-finding the real you”.

I can’t even put into words how much I loved this day! Su was amazing from beginning to end and really tapped into everyone’s individual needs.

I was very nervous at first but Su very quickly resolved this with her calming approach.
I think all of us really got something important out of the day and personally I have turned a corner in more ways than I thought imaginable.

Su is the best coach and a complete inspiration!

Suzie Molyneux

Very interesting and informative day. Had fun too! Thanks for holding the space. It’s been a great day.

Dave Perry

I feel calmer and more hopeful about changing my for the better. A very interesting and absorbing day. Well enjoyed! The lunch was delicious! Beautiful location.

Thanks Su!

Always a pleasure working with you! X

Lucy M

I feel like I have more purpose/direction and understand myself better. Thankyou! I’ve had a really lovely day. It’s been so great having the time to reflect on myself.


I gained all I had hoped for and more, from the finding the real you workshop. It was clear how much work and preparation Su had invested in this day. Her passion for her craft is an inspiration. A fine mix of fun and a sense of being, in a space of courageous sharing; with the assurance of facilitation that would never shrink back from what is in the room.

A truly unforgettable day.

Julia Easterbrook

Su helped me find myself and reach my potential. I am very grateful for her faith in me, she helped me, by giving me the confidence to take steps in taking back control of my life.

Thanks Su, you changed my life for the better.

Lucy White

Really enjoyed a relaxing and insightful day together. Thanks Su x

Louise Noakes

Thank you Su, for a thought provoking enjoyable and stimulating day! x

Lorraine Eist

A great day full of learning and exploring; where I felt heard and held, in a way I can do for myself in the future. Something I already had – I just did not see it until today.


Thank you. I have found this an interesting and inspirational day.

Penny Rowland

Brilliant day, very helpful! I feel like I have more tools to be able to move on.

Bryony Jenkins

I thoroughly recommend working with Su, whether at one of her workshops or one-to-one. A lovely, kind and genuine lady who really cares for her clients and those that she works with. She always gives 110%.

Thank you for a lovely day. Your warm humour has made the day special.

Carole Osmaston

Thank you so much for a truly wonderful and revelatory day. I shall be recommending you to all my friends!

Julia Duncan

The visualisation meditation was wonderful! Lovely day, thanks Su.


It was good to share thoughts and experiences in an open and welcoming environment.

Thank you for a fun inspiring and insightful day full of varied activities.


A small group of us (5 in total), all involved in service provision and delivery in Eastbourne for substance and alcohol misuse recovery, attended Su Orosa’s signature workshop at Florence House in August. The workshop was well-planned and relaxed and Florence House is a perfect setting for this kind of activity. All of the group really enjoyed the day and stand out activities were the collages/vison boards and learning EFT techniques. The food offered for lunch was delicious.

Su had taken time to fill the room with incense and essential oils for the purpose of relaxation and calming which was very useful and much appreciated by participants.

Many thanks for a lovely and productive day.

Representatives from Active in Recovery and ESCC (East Sussex County Council)

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