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From time to time, we just need some time-out to take stock, recalibrate and just to chill out. We seem to lead extraordinarily busy lives and unless we’re able to occasionally press ‘pause’ even for just a day, then we run the risk of creating different problems for our long-suffering bodies and minds.

Many people have said to me that they worry that if they take some time to themselves, that their whole world might collapse as they’re trying to hold it all together. And whilst that’s understandable, the truth is that the other option is to continue living life on auto-pilot, tired all the time, unable to think clearly or make decisions aligned with what serves us best.

Read what some retreat participants have said after coming along to my retreats:

Florence house is the perfect setting for a wellbeing retreat, so tranquil and peaceful I immediately relaxed. Su made me feel so safe and secure straight away, allowing me to really fulfill my need to relax and de stress. Revisiting and refreshing myself with techniques I am aware of was very useful to ground me and re focus on my well being. I learnt a range of new techniques that were both interesting and effective.

Before this retreat I had been unwell for two months and also been suffering with increased anxiety and stress levels. I could not believe the difference this day made, the following day I felt so energised it was as though I had cleared all the negative energy and re started myself, it also allowed me to deal with two highly stressful meetings with a calm and positive attitude.

I can not recommend Su enough and am so looking forward to attend the signature retreat!   Xx

Sally McLleland

Fantastic!! Thank you so much – today has impacted me more than I ever thought it would. I no longer feel like the swan gliding on top and swimming like hell underneath. Now I’m taking my time to happily glide and sometimes just be still.


Truly wonderful nurturing experience giving  validation to my own needs and allowing time to meet those needs. Thank you so much Su for a great day!! xx


A wonderful calming day. Really useful tools to take away. Great venue and lunch. Thank you so much Su, for enabling me to experience so much of value to my self care and wellbeing and feeling that I can give myself permission to be ‘self’ish whilst in the company of wonderful people. With my love Su, Lorraine.


So…if this sounds like you, and you’d like to start living life differently, or perhaps you’re someone who likes to have a space where you can reflect on your life in beautiful surroundings, then click these links below.

Here you’ll find details of all my up-coming retreats which include:


One-day Wellbeing retreat

One week Yoga and Spanish retreat


I look forward to meeting you!

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