If you’ve never heard of Reiki before – read on…I have to admit, it’s something that has to be experienced rather than described but I’ll try…It’s essentially a deeply relaxing and soothing experience. The Reiki practitioner will either touch certain areas of your body (you are fully clothed) and/or the area around your body – commonly known as the ‘aura’.


The idea is that the Reiki practitioner is a channel for receiving more of the energy that already exists in and around us. This energy is channelled through the practitioner and comes out of their hands and into your body creating the right conditions for it to begin to heal itself on many levels. In short, this means that you’re so relaxed, that the body can begin to do its work. And it’s rare for someone to come away from a Reiki session without feeling super-relaxed and having a sense of peace.


It is a gentle, and loving therapy that is amazing either on its own or alongside either mainstream or complimentary therapies. It can do no harm and the energy will always go to where it’s needed in order for the healing process to begin.


For many, Reiki is an extension of their existing spiritual practice but for others, as it was for me when I first learnt it, it was the beginning of many deep and lasting life changes including my wellbeing generally. It just seemed to open up a whole other way of experiencing life and I haven’t looked back.


If this sounds like it could be for you or you’re simply curious and would like to find out more, contact me and/or set up an appointment via the link below.


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