During the First Degree Class, the student receives a permanent attunement to the Reiki energy. It is a powerful spiritual experience during which the Reiki Master – using an ancient process, finely tunes the physical and etheric bodies of the student to a higher vibration and a raised level of consciousness. This opens up an inner healing channel through specific energy centres (chakras) through which the Reiki energy will flow.

You will learn:

  • The history of Reiki
  • Traditional hand positions (based on the meridians)
  • The mind-body connection
  • How to self-heal using Reiki
  • The hand positions to give Reiki to family and friends
  • Affirmation and power cards


You will also receive 4 attunements throughout the weekend, a training manual and a certificate.

You will receive 4 attunements throughout the weekend, which will enable you to draw in and channel the energy. You will also receive a training manual and certificate.


Here are what past participants have said about the Class:

Thank you for such a wonderful experience, very beautiful and connecting both to myself and others. It feels amazing to be a part of something so special and loving.

Thank you xxx


I feel truly blessed to have been a part of such an amazing Reiki weekend.

Thank you so much Su, your passion and beautiful energy shone through and connected to my heart.


A totally nourishing and restorative weekend led by Su. A truly beautiful experience of both experiencing Reiki myself and also having the opportunity to practice Reiki on each other.

Thank you so much Su <3


This weekend felt like being on a retreat, deeply relaxing and a feeling of connection with everyone here.

I experienced the Reiki energy in body sensations and visual colours. I’m excited about deepening my relationship with this energy and learning how to use it to soothe and help myself and my family.

Su was very kind and gentle, and creates a feeling of warmth and love in the room, a very nurturing energy. Just what I needed this weekend.

Helen Clarke

I have just taken part in Su’s Reiki Level 1 workshop and I can honestly say I have come away with a rejuvenated soul. The whole weekend was full of wisdom, laughter, love and light. I could not thank Su enough, she is an mazing teacher, and a beautiful soul x


COST: £150.00

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Energy Wheel

An activity that will help you identify new intentions for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of yourself. 

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