This is a one-day wellbeing Retreat aimed at helping you to feel restored, relaxed and ready to go on with your life.

You will:

  • Learn how to do Energy healing on yourself including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Relax to a guided visualisation
  • Engage in light and gentle relaxation movements
  • Learn some breathing and mindfulness techniques
  • Go for a silent meditative walk [weather permitting] in the South Downs
  • Eat healthy and nourishing food
  • Be given a gift bag

So, if you’re feeling low in energy, flat and/or in need of recharging your batteries, then look no further!  You won’t regret it and you’ll come away with some really valuable tools that you can use on yourself moving forward.

Florence house is the perfect setting for a wellbeing retreat, so tranquil and peaceful I immediately relaxed. Su made me feel so safe and secure straight away, allowing me to really fulfill my need to relax and de stress. Revisiting and refreshing myself with techniques I am aware of was very useful to ground me and re focus on my well being. I learnt a range of new techniques that were both interesting and effective.

Before this retreat I had been unwell for two months and also been suffering with increased anxiety and stress levels. I could not believe the difference this day made, the following day I felt so energised it was as though I had cleared all the negative energy and re started myself, it also allowed me to deal with two highly stressful meetings with a calm and positive attitude.

I can not recommend Su enough and am so looking forward to attend the signature retreat!   Xx

Sally McLleland

I love the sound of Su Orosa’s workshop…and you couldn’t wish for a better facilitator. For a multitude of reasons I’m a huge fan of this woman. She is someone who you can trust to hold you, motivate you, encourage and empower you. Warm and nurturing with an open heart and a huge smile, Su has a wealth of experience that speaks for itself. Go see her…she helped me change my life 🙂


Fantastic!! Thank you so much – today has impacted me more than I ever thought it would. I no longer feel like the swan gliding on top and swimming like hell underneath. Now I’m taking my time to happily glide and sometimes just be still.


Truly wonderful nurturing experience giving  validation to my own needs and allowing time to meet those needs. Thank you so much Su for a great day!! xx


A wonderful calming day. Really useful tools to take away. Great venue and lunch. Thank you so much Su, for enabling me to experience so much of value to my self care and wellbeing and feeling that I can give myself permission to be ‘self’ish whilst in the company of wonderful people. With my love Su, Lorraine.


A great day, well run, relaxing and helpful. Thanks Su.


Lovely setting, venue, lunch, etc. Thank you, feel so relaxed!

Nigel French

Being able to take time out away from the stresses of ‘normal life’ was great. I could focus on me and my needs. Su, thank you for another amazing day. This is my third workshop now and won’t be my last.

I learn something new about myself each time. Thank you!

Suzanne Hyde

What a wonderful day it was today, and that was made all the better with such a terrific host. You made us all feel so welcome and relaxed from the ‘off’.

Mark Joseph

Thank you Su for creating the space and time for reflection, expression and realisation.

A lovely day!

Ben Trowell

I would recommend these workshops [One-day Wellbeing Retreat and Signature ‘Finding the True You’ workshop] to anyone who needs a bit more space to connect to themselves and realise how they can better nurture themselves.

Su holds a friendly, supportive and fun space through varied, interesting activities.

Natalie Scialo

A day for the soul to reflect and rejuvenate.

Kim Bromley

I would definitely recommend this day to others as found it insightful, thought provoking and totally relaxed by the end of the day. Delicious lunch too.


A very enjoyable day, came away feeling relaxed and refreshed. Great group of people in beautiful surroundings. Thank you Su!


Thank you Su for another wonderful retreat. I cam today to re-start my self care journey and I feel energised and confident that I can improve my stress levels moving forward.


Thank you Su, you delivered! This workshop has helped me to understand and work towards my own needs.

I recommend it to anyone who needs to learn self care and how to live a more balanced life.


This was a really accessible, relaxed approach which made it feel easy to start addressing issues and think about what to do to change things.

Sophie McCallum

Thanks Su, you were so lovely and helpful/appropriate. I feel completely safe and trusting of you. You’re warmth and professionalism is inspiring.

Rona Couper

Excellent day, lovely group of people in beautiful surroundings. Su put everyone at ease. Excellent facilitator.

EFT was amazing, I didn’t think it was having an effect but afterwards I felt much more emotional which was really positive for me.

Alison Davis

Lovely venue, great people, safe place, feel much more confident


Thank you Su for giving everyone of us individual attention today.


It was a relaxed and enjoyable day. Su held the space with warmth and sensitivity and humour. It was all very gentle. The different exercises were useful and illuminating.

I felt very comfortable to share with others in the safe space created by Su.

Sue B

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Energy Wheel

An activity that will help you identify new intentions for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of yourself. 

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