Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT gets to the root cause of whatever is causing your imbalance as a result of our thinking, beliefs and emotions, many of which will have been developed in childhood.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), also commonly known as ‘tapping’, is a healing tool that has its roots based in psychology, NLP (Neurological Linguistic Programming), acupressure and energy medicine. The areas that you ‘tap’ on are said to be ‘energy meridians/points’ which are stimulated in order to create emotional, mental and physical balance.


EFT can be used for:


Panic attacks


Physical pain including chronic pain

Childhood abuse

Weight loss

Performance at work


…..amongst any other number of ailments.

It is non-invasive and as with counselling and coaching, you will be held safely and never encouraged to be re-traumatised – you are always in control of how deep you’d like to work during the sessions.

EFT never fails to ‘deliver’! Inevitably clients report feeling calm and grounded after only a few minutes of EFT and I often incorporate EFT with my counselling and coaching sessions. I have found it to be hugely transformational for myself as well as for many clients. It is such a simple yet powerful technique that is totally portable – you will learn how to use this for yourself at home, work or anywhere where you can ‘tap’!

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Full sessions: £60.00 per session

Excellent day, lovely group of people in beautiful surroundings. Su put everyone at ease. Excellent facilitator.

EFT was amazing, I didn’t think it was having an effect but afterwards I felt much more emotional which was really positive for me.

Alison Davis

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