Coaching, like counselling, comes in many different shapes and forms. I have worked with clients who are very driven and goal focused and are really motivated to take steps and all they needed was someone to be accountable to, who would provide some structure and constructive feedback to enable them to make the shifts they wanted.


Many clients however, may start off motivated then hit a brick wall; their gremlins kick in and we find that in order to achieve their goals, they need to do some deeper inner work first.


To move towards a different version of yourself, you need to face your gremlins, befriend them,

and work with them so that you can move through the pain points into the light.


I believe that unless clients are willing to go to unchartered territories and lean into the sharper edges of their comfort zones, that sustainable change cannot take place.


 Whilst coaching isn’t counselling, there are many crossovers. Together we’ll find a way of working that suits your learning style and fits you. It is my belief that because of my counselling background, I bring to the coaching relationship awareness and insight that helps to take the work deeper if that’s where the client wants to go. My training and experience gives me a robustness and resilience that means that I can be alongside you through the messy, confusing and challenging parts that may come up as a result of you committing to work on yourself. And my compassion and unnerving belief in your inner resources and ability to grow and step into your power, will provide a stable and holding framework for our work together.


You may be feeling like:

  • you’re stuck in your relationship
  • you’re stuck in your work
  • you’re at a crossroads in your life
  • you want to discover what you’re capable of
  • you want to discover or rediscover a sense of who you are and explore who you could be
  • you want to explore your life purpose and regain a sense of meaning in your life


You may not even know exactly what it is you’re looking for but you know that something isn’t working for you and you have some sense of a deep calling within that is gently nudging you to begin paying attention to YOU.


Book on to a discovery call for us to explore how we can work together.


I look forward to speaking with you!

I am insured and a member of EMCC and work to their ethical framework guidelines.

Bespoke Wellness Coaching Packages


Come and spend either a whole day or half a day with me either as a one-off treat or part of a package. If you’d like a day for unwinding, relaxing or just to let go of whatever it is that’s been stressing you out, then you might choose to have a mixture of Reiki, card readings, and gentle head, neck and shoulders massage.


Alternatively, you may want a mixture of EFT, Coaching and Counselling. It’s really up to you and together we can work out a package or a day/half-day retreat to suit your particular needs.

Click on the link below to arrange a free Discovery Call. Alternatively, if you have any questions click here.

Coaching Packages


Bronze Coaching Package:

This package is for clients who’d like a 6 week package of coaching with 1.5 hour sessions every fortnight, with some ‘homework’ in between sessions and 1 x email contact between sessions.

Click on the link below to arrange a free Discovery Call. Alternatively, if you have any questions click here.

Silver Coaching Package:
The Real You Personal Growth Coaching Program

This package is for those of you wanting to start taking control of your life and to start living the life you were meant to. You will learn how to start living in the flow and begin manifesting situations and experiences that will help to raise your consciousness for a healthier way of living.


You will receive:


  • 6 x fortnightly online trainings, delivered fortnightly, with worksheets, covering everything you need to know and experience to step into your new life.
  • 3 x dedicated 1-2-1 coaching session with me. These can be face to face depending on location and/or Skype. We will design/taylor these sessions based on your needs – I may work with a combination of: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Coaching, Relaxation techniques, Reiki, Therapeutic Counselling
  • Weekly check-in/accountability via exclusive 1:1 Facebook group
  • 6 x fortnightly video presentations
  • 3 x guided meditations/visualisations



*This program is tailored to your specific needs so prices vary. Please contact me on the link below for a free Discovery call.*

Gold Coaching Package:
The Real You – Advanced Personal Growth Program

This is for those of you who are already on your self-development journey and you’re wanting to take it to the next level to deepen your awareness and personal development further.


  • 6 x fortnightly online trainings with worksheets
  • 4 x 1:1 Skype or face to face sessions to include any or a combination of: EFT, Coaching, Reiki, Therapeutic counselling
  • Weekly check-in/accountability via exclusive 1:1 Facebook group
  • 6 x fortnightly video presentations
  • 4 x guided meditations/visualisations
  • 1 x Mindfulness meditation
  • An EFT tapping chart
  • A video presentation of EFT tapping points


Click on the link below to arrange a free Discovery Call. Alternatively, if you have any questions click here.

I am insured and a Senior practitioner in Coaching (EMCC) and I adhere to the EMCC ethical framework
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Energy Wheel

An activity that will help you identify new intentions for the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual parts of yourself. 

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