5th & 6th December 2018

With Su Orosa & Zosh

Are you feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands, too busy to find space for yourself and too stressed trying to juggle it all?


Zosh from In-Balance Yoga and I have partnered up to create a two-day Wellbeing and Yoga retreat in the beautiful grounds of Florence House set in the heart of the South Downs on the 5th & 6th December 2018.

These two days are a chance for you to switch off from your daily life, to reflect on what is important to you and start to think about changes you may want to make to your wellbeing.

You will learn to steady your mind and become grounded through an introduction to yoga and breathing techniques. These restorative and energising yoga sessions will help you reconnect to your inner self and find clarity.

Su will walk you through some coaching exercises to help you explore your relationship to your Wellbeing. This will be an opportunity for you to take a closer look at where you find yourself in your life which will help you to set some realistic and achievable intentions for a healthier life.

This retreat offers you


Breathing space from your busy life



Time to clear your head



Time to take stock of your life



An opportunity to develop your awareness of what’s been holding you back from living a healthy life



Time to reflect on what’s important to you and what changes you want to make


You will

Learn techniques to calm the mind and help you focus


Feel back in control


Discover what you need/want in your life


Have the confidence and belief in yourself to start making changes


Your experience will include

Hatha yoga practice


Deep-diving into your relationship with Wellbeing


Breathing practice


Learning some wellbeing techniques with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


Guided visualisation


Delicious, healthy vegetarian meals prepared by the in-house chef using organic locally sourced food


Silent meditation walk


Accommodation for one night & all refreshments


The Retreat will be for a maximum of 12 people as we like to keep groups small. Smaller groups enable us to give more individual attention to everyone and help create a more intimate and safe environment.



A bit about Yoga and the Mind-body connection


We hold tension, life experiences and emotions in both our body and mind. Our physical body is often a reflection of our mental or emotional state. We can become attached to these sensations and thoughts, believing they are who we are. However we have infinite capacity for change and renewal. Yoga does this through the physical as a route to the mental, developing awareness and helping to find peace and happiness.



A bit about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)


EFT is a simple healing tool that involves ‘tapping’ on specific points in the body, like a form of acupressure. Negative emotions and beliefs are released and ‘cleared’, helping us to regain some form of balance and harmony – psychological, physical and emotional. It works quite quickly and is really simple to do. You will be taken through an EFT session and will learn how to employ this effective method on yourself.

So if you feel like it’s time to recharge and be restored to a healthier version of yourself, then book a place. We look forward to seeing you there at Florence House, Seaford, East Sussex for what will be an incredible two days.

Course & Accommodation

Early Bird price of £249.00 per person
(until 6th November 2018)

Full price of £295.00 per person
(from 7th November 2018)

£100.00 deposit required per person.

If you wish to stay an extra night, either the day before or day after please contact Florence House directly on 01323 873700.

Cancellation policy: cancellation can be made up to 30 days prior to the retreat with a 50% refund.

About Su

I am Wellbeing Facilitator, helping people to connect to their innate power to live fulfilled lives. I do this by integrating coaching, counselling, EFT and Reiki through workshops, training, coaching packages and 1:1 work.

I believe passionately that we are all born into this world with huge potential to live life to the full. Somehow however, life as we have created it, often seems to have a very different plan for us and we all too easily become distorted versions of ourselves, in the attempt to fit in at the expense of what our hearts and souls truly desire. This happens from childhood onwards. I see this in others as I have seen it in myself and I have made it my life’s work to be a companion of change for those who are no longer prepared to live half a life; for those who know there’s more to life than the one they are currently living; for those who seek support in their quest to accept and love themselves, knowing at a deep level that this is the only way to discover their life purpose and meaning.

I see the light in everyone and am passionate about contributing to a peaceful world.

About Zosh

After dipping my toes into yoga classes and noticing the positive effects it was having, I spent time at the Kaivalyadhama Yogic Health Centre in India. Here my eyes were really opened not just to the physical but also the mental health benefits yoga can bring.

Having experienced depression and anxiety myself, yoga offered a way to not only manage these feelings but also to start to discover more about myself and ultimately make the biggest change of all – becoming a yoga teacher!

I have found it to be a profound and life changing experience which I am passionate about sharing with others.

Incorporating pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (postures) and meditation, Hatha yoga offers a slow, deep practice that is about being steady in mind and body.

I believe yoga is more than just time spent on the mat in a class and is something you can use as a practical tool in everyday life. Whether it’s remembering to breathe deeply to relax and release tension, or if you want to go further and find clarity of mind, yoga is a path open to all.

I am also a qualified massage therapist, allowing me to use my knowledge and understanding of the body and mind as another route to maintaining our health and wellbeing.

2 Day Yoga Retreat - 5th & 6th December 2018